How to Choose Tai Chi Sword?

traight sword, taken as the gentleman in ancient weapons, has always been the favorite one of martial artists or Wushu lovers. At our time when Tai Chi is increasingly widely learned and developed, Tai Chi Straight Swords, too, have found favors with an ascending number of Tai Chi fans. Batches of handsome figures playing Tai Chi with flowing straight swords in their hands are a common scene at parks. Thus whether for performance or competition or usual practicing, to hold a handy and serviceable Tai Chi Sword is a must for both green hands and veterans.

Well, chances are that most beginners feel have no idea on how to prepare for the coming Wushu or Tai Chi classes, especially what kind of straight sword to buy. If you just happen to be confused and are considering getting yourself armed with a complete outfit, then you can’t afford to miss this blog. You’ll probably find it a real boon soon to have picked up the following tips on how to choose Tai Chi Sword.


  1. About Size and Length

The priority comes to your mind, as in case of choosing shirts or shoes, would be the size. Whether it fit your body or not is a critical factor. In Tai Chi practicing, especially for new learners, a well-suited Tai Chi Sword does far more good, maximizing exercise effects, abating fatigue and discomfort that might occur for the first a few times. Conversely, if one starts with an inappropriate sword, he’s liable to get stuck in mire when taking an initial step, let alone further progress. Plus, a higher risk of any potential injury or hurt can never be neglected.


So the size of Tai Chi Sword is nationally standardized, ranking eight levels in line with the length of the blade. In reference to the standard size chart, it’ll be much easier to decide which size to choose in line with your own height. For instance, the blade of Size One is shortest, 72cm for men shorter than 149cm, and the longest 90cm. The size grows with every 5cm increase in height, and the corresponding blade length climbs by 2cm.

As the suitable length differs from height to height, the standards shall adjust a bit in accordance with physical difference between sexualities. For example, women of 170-174cm are supposed to choose Size Five while men choose Size Six. However, the standards are not set in concrete as the proportions vary with different bodies, and the size chart may suits most occasions.

Well, if you want it ensured, then the knack would be a little assistance to you. The useful way to see whether a Tai Chi Sword fits you or not is to hold the sword in Tai Chi’s beginning posture, tightly clinging to the back side of your arm. The best-suited position of your sword’s tip should be higher or lower less than 1cm by comparison with the top of your ear.


  1. Materials, Shape and Weight

A whole straight sword is composed of the hilt, body and scabbard, and sometimes adorned with bordure and tassel. Both scabbard and hilt are made of rosewood with bronze bordered. In addition to nice grains, fine texture, sturdiness and durability, the brightest spot of the wood is the polish would grow better as years accumulate. Therefore, it’s considered as a wood full of spirit, making a perfect match with Tai Chi, the fruit of long history and profound traditional culture.


The body is the most essential part of a Tai Chi Sword and its quality relies on the materials to a large extent, which are selected in correspondence with different Wushu ranks. The most commonly seen on market is stainless steel, rustproof and easy to preserve. Nonetheless, it is not the pure stainless steel actually. Instead, the surface of the body is covered by stainless steel while the inside material is steel for the sake of ductility and weight.

We might as well come to several requirements for a quality Tai Chi Sword. The way to prove its high ductility is to stand the test of 90 degree bending, avoiding too soft or too tough. And the standard weight for a Tai Chi Sword is 550 grams or so, no more than 50 grams deflection permitted with varying heights and sizes. The pure stainless steel lacks malleability and is quite light, unable to meet the demands of ductility and weight. The selected materials are all from our great ancestors’ countless explorations and trials.

There are swords of acid-proof steel and pattern steel as well. The former, based on stainless steel, is more anticorrosive and antirust. The latter is repeatedly folded and hammered by traditional handcrafts, impurities removed, then delicately polished in complex procedures.

According to the shape of the straight swords, they could be divided into non-ridge sword and ridge sword. A standard Tai Chi Sword has a raised ridge at the center of the body with flutes beside while the other type has a flat surface. And correspondingly, the price of a qualified ridge sword is relevantly higher.


  1. Long Quan Straight Sword and Shen Guanglong Sword Shop

The history of Long Quan Straight Sword could be dated back to Spring & Autumn and Warring State Periods, over 2600 years ago, when a few of the best-known swords were made in Wu and Yue districts, subordinate to today’s Zhejiang Province. Furthermore, tons of top straight swords continued to stand out through all dynasties, making Long Quan a synonym for quality straight swords. By May of 2006, the unique forging techniques of Long Quan Sword had been admitted to the National Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


Shen Guanglong Sword Shop, originated in late Qing Dynasty, is the only hereditary time-honored brand of the local sword manufacturers, and distinguished itself as “the Number One Straight Sword” all over the world. And today, the glittering intangible cultural heritage is in the hands of the fifth generation Shen Zhou, who, along with his forefathers, has greatly promoted its development and expanded the influence. Their straight swords have been highly praised by professional martial artists, Tai Chi masters and some expert military officers, many housed by center national leaders or primary officials and even international ministers, including China’s Chair Men and Prime Ministers of the US like Nixon.

Needless to say, the quality of Shen Guanglong Sword is also second to none. With top materials and complex manufacturing procedure which is strictly standardized and controlled, the tough yet exquisite sword, gracefully shaped and sharp edges, is so much a brilliant treasure that it’ll only add to your charms. Furthermore, the cultural connotation is even more attractive and stunning, exemplified by the marked stamp of Seal Characters and patterns of Tai Chi and the Big Dipper which has long been considered as the token of high-class straight swords in Chinese history.

By and large, there are three ways to identify certified products, in connection with intellectual property right protection. First, an anti-fake identification, on which the code could be checked, is tagged on the scabbard. Second, on the body of authentic Shen Guanglong Sword marks the Tai Chi pattern or the Chinese Characters for “Tai Chi” or “Qian Kun”. Third, the stamp of “Shen Guanglong” or “Made by Shen Guanglong” is evidently seen as a distinct brand marking.


4. A Brief Introduction to

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