Shaolin Kung fu

Shaolin  Kung fu

Shaolin Kung fu is one of schools of Chinese material arts with a long history. The aim is to reach the highest level of combination of Zen and Wu(Kung fu). The ShaolinTemple was the cradle of zen Buddhism. Zen Buddhism was to have a quiet and clear mind and deeply think over everything in the world until they understand the real meaning of life. In the theory of Buddhism, zen meditation is exactly the right thing to do,While the skills of Quan are the last thing to consider. The monks can progressively concentrate their minds on Buddhism in process of practicing Kung fu. In the meantime, they also train their body and reinforce the ability to keep the temple safe.

shaolin kung fu shaolin kung fu

Brief introduction

Shaolin temple

Sport : Kung fu

Place: Song Shan

Found time: A.D.495

The number of people: around 6000

Founder: the empire Xiao Wen

Famous people: bodhidharma, Hui Ke, Yi Jing

The contents of Shaolin Temple

1. The cultural heritages

2. The nouns of Buddhism

3. The Shaolin Kung Fu

The system of Kung fu

Zen and Quan

The Song Shan Temple

The zen of Kung fu

The spirit of Shaolin

The regulations of Shaolin

4.The representative figures

Shi Yanwu

Shi Yongxin

5. Films

6. The explanation of Kung fu

7. Songs

The fundamental information

Songs and lyrics

The introduction of singers

8. The Kung fu actors


1. the cultural heritages

When it comes to Chinese Kung fu, people will immediately think the Shao Lin Kung fu. Obviously, Shaolin Kung fu has become the symbol of Chinese material arts. Shaolin Kung fu means a kind of Kung fu formed in the special situation of the Song Shan Temple,whose core belief is the king of Jin Na Luo and performing style is based on the Kung fu showed by those monks in that temple. It is a complete system of epitomizing the wits of traditional Buddhism culture. As a saying goes All material arts in the world come from the Shao Lin Temple. When it comes to Chinese Kung fu, almost all people will immediately think the Shaolin Kung fu. In 2005, Chinese Kung fu applied “Human oral and non-material cultural heritage masterpiece”. The Shaolin Temple applied the Kungfu rather than the WuShu. The Kung fu is studying the zen. Practicing Kung fu is to change ones personalities, qualities and behaviors. The monks in Shaolin Temple train kung fu for the sake of the studying.

Shaolin Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu

2. the nouns of Buddhism

kung fu is a word originated in Chinese culture. It has the same meaning as Wu Shu. Wu Shu, was once a system of Taoism. Those Taoists desired to become the fairy by practicing Wu Shu. From the earliest TuNa, Ying Daoshu, it progressively evolved into a kind of movement of exploring the myths of human body. Combined with the realistic needs, it gradually developed into a sort of special culture. Why do we say Kung fu is a kind of special culture with Chinese characteristics? That is because, in China, kung fu is not only some kind of body movement, but it also has a deep connotation. For instance, the Taoism is aimed at practicing Kung fu, while the Buddhism is aimed at medicating the zen.

Zen belongs to religion, its also a philosophy, which is a mainstream for human seeking feeling fulfillment. Since the Han dynasty, Buddhism developed very well in China and exerted a profound influence on Kung fu. So traditional kung fu had a close connection with zen.

Shaolin kung fu Shaolin kung fu

3.Zen master Shi Xing  The master of Qi Gong  The initial creator of international Shen Da Qi Gong

He was the 32th successor of Shaolin Kung fu. He learned Shaolin Kung fu for over ten years and grasped the essence of Shaolin Kung fu. His internal work was very strong and his Shaolin Kung fu was extremely excellent. Owing to working as a safeguard and material arts coach for many years in Shenzheng, he had abundant teaching and practical experiences.

He grasped many stunts such as Jin Zhongzhao, Tie Bushang, Yin Qigong, Er Zhichan, Acupuncture and Tie Shazhang,ect( Chinese names about these stunts). He could break iron and stone only by hands, use nunchakus like lightning with eyes covered and fight fast and maliciously with eyes closed. He was the coach of Tie Shazhang training school, the dean of the material arts association, the coach of Chan Wu Qi Gong training school, the director of Peng Shi film and television production company, and the director of Xing Yuan Xiang Zong Cultural Transmission company.

Shaolin Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu

4.The introduction of the master

He was born in one of Chinese cultural cities Chong Qing in 1974. At an early age, he was ambitious and dreamed to an outstanding master. He started to learn Kung fu at an very young age,but he was very diligent. He stressed emphasis on morality and respect to others. What more impressed is that he devoted himself to study ancient material arts books for many years, at last he successfully summarized a series of unique secrets of Kung fu. He found out the book Shaolin Da Li Jinggang Yin Qi Gong once only succeeded by the abbot in the temple which has been lost for more than 300 years since the Yuan dynasty. The method was considered as the secret method which was used to guarantee Shaolin Temple safety. It surely had a sublime influence on home and abroad. Up until now, about 20,000 students were taught successfully, which has made a great contributions to Shaolin Kung fu.

Zen master Shi Xing has got more than 300 champions in some international or domestic contests. It exerted a great effect on the world. His students were also very outstanding, most of who have won honorable awards in big contests. Many students were invited to act as coaches or teachers in training schools. Nowadays, Yin Qi Gong has stepped towards the global world, which provoked a hot wave of studying it, many masters of different schools sent their excellent students to learn from zen master Shi Xing. The zen master strongly opposed to strong body and simple brain. He required his students not only to train Kung fu but also to study cultural knowledge and social experiences. At the same time, he put emphasis on remembering those lessons in history. Zen master once educated some guilty men not to do bad things again and learned to be kind people. What he did indicated that he was brave and wise, he touched our hearts by means of his special personality charm. Therefore, he was respected by his students and was thought highly of his performance.

In particular, his wits of zen was wisely recommended. He often told people that the highest level of knowledge was Confucianism and the highest level of wisdom was Buddhism. We must firstly be a good man and then learn to do good things. Only when you were a good man, everything would be easy to do well. Learning Buddhism was to cultivate our mercy as well as big and extensive heart.

Shaolin Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu

5.Shaolin Kung fu

Shaolin Kung fu was well-known to Chinese people as a kind of culture of the humanities as well as a sort of human body culture particularly in keeping fitness, fighting against enemies, and competing in sports activities, which has been considered as a valuable Chinese cultural heritage.

6.The system of Shaolin Kung fu

Shaolin Kung fu was a huge system which was not a general “school” or “ Quan”. Shaolin Kung fu was complicated and had many schools, among which were Shaolin Quan in China’s middle areas, the Nan Quan in the eastern coastal areas, the North Shaolin in Beijing, Tianjin provinces, and Wing Chun in Guang Dong areas. All of these schools were famous for their long history, complete structures, and superb technical skills.

Shaolin kung fu Shaolin kung fu

7.The Combination of Zen and Quan

Shaolin Kung fu was a huge system with all different kinds of technical skills.

Shaolin Temple was distinguished for its combination of zen and Quan throughout the world. “the Quan got the same name as the temple, while the temple was famous for its Quan”. It developed into a special Kung fu system with practical experiences of the monks of every generation in this temple.

The Shaolin Quan stressed emphasis on “ Da”, which meant a clear understanding of how to bring yourself to the best, particularly in those body gestures of arms and legs.

Shaolin kung fu was a kind of comprehensive system. The most important is that zen was a fundamental and significant basis of improving Kung fu skills. The basic meaning of zen is keeping silence, thinking deeply, quietly, and carefully. Therefore, Shaolin Kung fu was different from other schools of Kung fu because of its combination of zen and Quan.

8.Song Shan Shaolin Temple 

As a saying goes “ All material arts come from the Shaolin Temple”. Undoubtedly, it was a truth. When I traveled to the Song Shan Shaolin Temple, along the road to the temple, I heard loud “yelling”(monks were training) at a far away distance. Luckily, I had a good chance to see a Shaolin Kung fu performance in the second biggest Kung fu training school---Shaolin E Po Material Arts professional school.

About 20 young monks run from the back of the stage. Hou Quan(like monkey), Tang Lang Quan(like mantis), She Quan(like snake), Yin Qi Gong( a king of internal works), five gun sticks were pierced into their bodies, and using two fingers supporting the whole body, ect. Little monk named Jia Shuai who has practiced Shaolin Kung fu for anout three years chopped five thick bricks in a row, which truly amazed all of audiences there. Actually, he was a five- grade student of a primary school. However, he has been to Germany, Thailand and Indonesia, ect.

shaolin kung fu shaolin kung fu

Staffs in local travel agency stated that there were about 75 certified material arts training schools at the foot of the Song Shan Mountain, where always remained approximately 60,000 students learning Shaolin Kung fu. Among those students, most were from foreign countries. In order to learn Shaolin Kung fu well, they stayed in China for about four or five years or even longer. During the course of the Beijing Olympics, Shaolin Kung fu was approved to be one of the specific programs showing in front of the worldwide people, which definitely attracted more and more people to learn Shaolin Kung fu in Shaolin Temple.

It is said that people who lived in Deng Feng city had a traditional interest, that is, enjoying training Shaolin Kung fu. As we all know, Deng Feng was exactly the city where Ren Changxia, the local chief police officer, once worked. Owing to people’s loving for Shaolin Kung fu, social security there would be better than other areas.

9.The zen of Shaolin Kung fu

Zen not only belongs to religion, but it’s also attributed to the category of philosophy, which is a mainstream for humans to seek feeling fulfillment in history. Since zen was transmitted into China in the Han dynasty, zen has been a synonymous word with Buddhism in the period of about one thousand years. Traditional Shaolin Kung fu was originated from the Shaolin Temple, which had a close connections with zen as well as Buddhism.

It was because zen didn’t put much emphasis on the skills of Kung fu while paid attention to zen as the basis of Shaolin Kung fu that made monks in Shaolin Temple were accustomed to training Shaolin Kung fu in a quiet and carefree state. They stayed away from those problems of the outside world, had no intention of competing against others, and totally applied themselves to Shaolin Kung fu. Combined with traditional advantages of Shaolin Kung fu, many monks in Shaolin Temple were able to reach a high level of zen and Buddhism, which to the extent we had to owe to the profound influence of zen.

The application of zen in Shaolin Kung fu was exactly providing learners a way to reach the highest level of Chinese Kung fu. The ultimate aim of Shaolin Kung fu was to train a strong heart which remained unmoved by outside matters and in the meantime keep a calm performance. Only by staying unmoved within heart and external calm behaviors can we grasp the essence of Shaolin Kung fu.

Zen applied in Kung fu was not confined to the use of legs and arms. The real pure Shaolin Kung fu was not possibly to reach the highest level of unmoved hearts. The real objective of applying zen in Shaolin Kung fu was to learn it by means of zen (that is keeping a clam and unmoved heart in the process of practicing Shaolin Kung fu) rather than require the learners to reach the ultimate aim of Buddhism--zen. If the Shaolin Kung fu learners forgot to train in a unmoved and carefree state, they wouldn’t learn Shaolin Kung fu well.

Shaolin Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu

Owing to the accumulation and development of over thousand years, the zen and Shaolin Kung fu have been well combined together. The Wu of Shaolin Kung fu has been blended into the zen of Buddhism, which was exactly the difference from other systems of Kung fu. The strength of zen in Shaolin Kung fu was that it had formed a concrete and detailed training system. When it comes to practice Shaolin Kung fu, learners immediately realized that the importance of zen in use of Shaolin Kung fu. In essence, advocation of real value of zen in Shaolin Kung fu provided people with a concrete way to learn and train Shaolin Kung fu.

China stressed emphasis on the protection of non-material cultural heritages. Therefore, on May20th,2006,it was added on the list of first National Non-material Cultural Heritages.

Shaolin Kung fu Shaolin Kung fu

10.The spirit of Shaolin Kung fu

Nowadays, many scholars asked why the Shaolin Temple could overcome so many difficulties and still remained prosperous. Contrary to most people’s views, Chinese traditional culture---the Shaolin kung fu of the Shaolin Temple was popular all over the world. Perhaps, we were curious about the real reason for its popularity. In essence, it depended on the core spirit of Shaolin Kung fu which was succeeded and carried out by thousands of Shaolin monks in history.

What is the spirit of Shaolin Kung fu? In fact, the spirit of Shaolin Kung fu was the rules and regulations of the Shaolin Temple which have been used for thousands of years. There were some records about the spirits of the Song Shan Shaolin Temple, for instance, practice Shaolin Kung fu for keeping healthy and defending our country against emeries; protect the Shaolin Temple; respect the old and help out the poor and the disable; support families and help parents; aid people in trouble and blow the bad; remain a clam heart and stay away from carnality, ect.